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Leo, about to turn 30, fears falling in love with a straight guy.

Darren wants to curb his sexual appetite but winds up dating Jeffrey, a conservative real estate agent with a fetish for having impromptu sex (except when the decor is tacky) in the homes that he is selling while the owners are away.

She has a chance at breaking free when she meets pink-haired cutie Lucy (Leisha Hailey), but gets pulled back in when Ellen’s boyfriend drama becomes dire.

By Hollywood standards, Claude’s extra baby fat made her an unconventional lead, which only adds to the film’s rebellious charm.

A good example of this new phenomenon was Rose Troche's 1994 film, .

Here was a very personal film about a group of lesbians for whom coming out issues was ancient history.

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The new crop of filmmakers pushed the envelope and made movies that challenged the very notions of what was once deemed acceptable on the lavender screen.

Gay men and women were no longer victims; anger spilled onto the screen and the new directors no longer cared about such "quaint" notions as saintly role models.

Tom Kalin's protagonists were Leopold and Loeb, Todd Haynes was channeling Genet and John Greyson made a musical about AIDS.

I hadn't seen this much agitprop since Godard's heyday during the 60s. Queer films were no longer about being gay; they just happened to be about characters who were gay.